A fil rouge between outdoor and indoor


by Elena Corti

A structure harmoniously integrated in a suggestive landscape of hills and vineyards: this is the goal achieved by Abimis, who realized, in collaboration with the Aidlin Darling Design studio, a kitchen for the large garden of a villa located in the heart of Napa Valley (California). The project is a special outdoor version of Atelier, a kitchen of professional derivation by Abismis. The two solutions for indoor and outdoor, both curated by Abimis and Aidlin Darling Design, were conceived to create continuity between the interior and exterior of the home.

The needs of the property
«The customer's request - explains Anna Ongaro, CEO of Abimis - was to create a highly functional kitchen, able to be integrated with the surrounding environment from an aesthetic point of view, in order to be able to customize the large garden and create not only an experience of contact with nature, but a new opportunity for open-air conviviality. Specifically, the customer requested a kitchen that recalled the one inside the villa, also made by us, entirely in steel. This is why the outdoor kitchen was built with steel doors, in order to create a fil rouge with the indoor one».

The outdoor kitchen project
The outdoor kitchen has been designed to be in line with the needs of the American culinary tradition. Made of cement, it houses a gas-fired grill and a wood-burning barbecue. Aesthetically, it presents itself with a clean architecture, with essential and rigorous lines, reflecting the typical square design of the Atelier line. The worktop separates the two cooking modes, while the lower part of the kitchen is completed by a spacious visible compartment for storing wood and AISI 304 steel compartments made by Abimis, with anthracite finish doors and large ergonomic handles.

Weatherproof materials
The materials used were chosen to avoid problems related to the fact that the kitchen is located outside the home. In particular, AISI 304 stainless steel is an alloy that makes the kitchen resistant to changes in temperature, bad weather or damage from environmental corrosion, thus confirming itself as a particularly suitable material for outdoor use.

The kitchen includes gas grill and wood-burning barbecue (Photo credits: Accent Barbiero)