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Built-in wine cellar FWC 4522 TC by Fulgor Milano

by Elena Corti

Including the wine cellar in a kitchen project allows to meet the specific needs of users who are passionate about this drink. The choice of models is varied, with solutions able to guarantee the best conditions of conservation for each bottle. Appliances of different sizes and finishes are available, both built-in and freestanding. These appliances are equipped with technologies allowing optimal air circulation so that cooling is constant and uniform.

Electronic temperature control
Temperature stability is essential to keep the organoleptic properties of wine unaltered. The most advanced cellar models allow precise control thanks to electronic regulation systems. For example, the built-in wine cellar FWC 4522 TC by Fulgor Milano, part of the Combiset line, has a touch display that allows to accurately adjust the temperature from 5 to 22 °C. The appliance has a capacity of 18 bottles with a diameter of 76 mm, plus 4 bottles of sparkling wine. In addition, the appliance includes 3 wooden shelves and is equipped with telescopic pull-out guides and LED spotlights. This product also features an anti-vibration and anti-condensation system. In addition, the anti-UV insulating glass prevents the wine from being damaged by light. To the functional aspects, the wine cellar combines a refined design, available in three different finishes (stainless steel, glossy black glass and glossy white glass).

Independent temperature zones
Among the Liebherr’s freestanding wine cellars, the models in the Vinidor range feature 2 or 3 independently adjustable temperature zones between 5 and 20°C. These appliances are equipped with ElectronicTouch controls with LCD display, FreshAir activated carbon filter (for optimal air quality and to protect the caps from mold and bacteria), anti-UV smoked glass door, compressor installed on special cushioned supports and LED lighting. In addition, in some models, there is a reclining display shelf for 6 bottles.


Door open and temperature alarms
The acoustic alarm to signal the non-closing of the door and the alarm for the temperature are among the characteristics of the KWE 884520 M model by AEG, which can store up to 18 bottles (between 5 and 20°C). The wine cellar features LED lighting, Touch Control interface, automatic defrosting, anti-UV door, possibility to customize the positioning of bottles with different width/length, etc.

Touch & Scroll interface
With the intuitive Touch & Scroll interface of the Bertazzoni WC605BRX2T wine cellar, it is possible to select the ideal temperature between 4 and 18°C in the different areas, storing up to 80 bottles. The product has 2 separate temperature zones, triple anti-UV glass, full-extension wooden shelves (sliding on guides with titanium alloy bearings), personalized lighting etc.
Credit Bertazzoni