Daikin and Wlab will develop new solutions for a safe indoor air


Wlab, also known as Sensio Air, is a company that provides sensors to detect and identify airborne allergens by type, monitoring them in real-time using AI and IoT technologies, along with software applications for users. Daikin has been collaborating with Wlab since 2018 to create air conditioning business solutions that can realize safety and reliability in indoor air quality and air environments.

Now Daikin aims to leverage Wlab’s technologies for 24-hour monitoring of allergens with its own air conditioning products to generate even greater value with air. In its strategic management plan FUSION 25, Daikin established its growth strategy themes of “Promotion of Solutions business connected with customers” and “Creating value with air.” Through joint development with partner companies that include customers and startups, the company is striving to create new value with air by strengthening the creation of safe and reliable air environments that combine technologies such as indoor air quality diagnostics, ventilation, and disinfection. With this investment, Daikin aims to further solidify its collaboration with Wlab and accelerate the creation of a new air conditioning solutions business.

Additionally, through the CVC Office in the Technology and Innovation Center established in November 2019 as an organization to promote collaborations with startup companies, Daikin set aside a fund of 11 billion yen for investments in a five-year period extending until 2024 and has already invested roughly 3 billion yen in over 10 companies. Daikin will continue to build strong relationships in the future with new partners around the world in a variety of fields and fast-track open innovation initiatives.