The Ecoinstaladores program launched by Ecotic


Ecotic is one of the most important Weee management systems in Spain and Europe. Since it was founded in 2005, it financed and managed more than 1 million tons of Weee, reaching more than 850 affiliated producers, as well as distributors, installers and waste managers.

«Despite the enormous importance of proper recycling of air conditioners and other refrigerant equipment, due to their potential for heating and contributing to climate change, the recovery levels of this equipment are far from the optimal desirable levels. The wide range of responsibilities and regulatory complexity of managing this equipment is the main difficulty faced by installers and distributors, who often find themselves in situations of doubt or uncertainty in order to ensure proper management» – explained the Weee Forum.

This is why Ecotic promotes the Ecoinstaladores (Ecoinstallers) program, an initiative aimed at installers and distributors of these devices, with the objective to provide them with a global solution for proper waste management. «Through Ecoinstallers – Ecotic says – they have free advice services, and numerous advantages such as free collection of waste in their own facilities, the completing of the necessary documentation, an economic compensation for the costs of reverse logistics and storage of Weee, or obtaining a badge in recognition of good professional practices».