Technology and design in the Grundig AeroFresh Fridge Freezer


The GR77KN5603V AeroFresh Fridge Freezer with VitaminZone crisper is a refrigerator of the Grundig Cooling range. Designed to keep food fresh, the model is equipped with AeroFresh technology that minimises temperature fluctuations inside the fridge to preserve food for longer. Moreover, thanks to Grundig’s OdourFresh+ technology, which produces negative ions to attract bad odours, the appliance is always smelling clean and hygienic.

This Grundig refrigerator also received the iF Design Award 2021. «When designing its appliances – the company explained – Grundig keep three important factors in mind: aesthetics, sustainability and quality. Thanks to their outstanding Industrial Design (AID) team, Grundig is able to produce excellent home appliances, without compromising on their core brand values».

Among the other features, the GR77KN5603V AeroFresh Fridge Freezer presents the VitaminZone, that harnesses the power of nature inside the appliance. Using LED light to simulate the cycle of the sun, it not only reduces waste by keeping fruit and vegetables tasting fresh for longer, but also retains more of the essential nutrients and vitamins.