With Loxone, Miele appliances enter in a new smart dimension


Once again, Miele promotes intelligent energy management for domestic appliances. Thanks to the partnership with Loxone, Miele washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can be integrated into a versatile smart network so that they start automatically using ‘home-grown’ electricity from a rooftop PV array. As a specialist in the field of building automation, Loxone even goes one step further and offers interconnected systems for greater convenience and security.

Concretely, Miele domestic appliances and other pieces of electrical equipment are connected to the centrepiece of the Loxone system, a mini-server. The user loads a washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher in the morning and then sets a time by which, for example, the laundry should be finished. The mini-server then coordinates the start of programmes on the Miele appliances and other equipment, depending on the surplus energy produced by the PV installation. If, during the course of the day, there is insufficient ‘home-grown’ electricity, the system switches to the grid.

Home automation with Loxone covers further areas such as air conditioning, multimedia, wellness, security and lighting. So, Miele cooker hoods can be integrated into lighting scenarios for atmospheric ambient lighting. Safety is enhanced by a ‘leaving home routine’ where the system reminds the home owner that the hob is still switched on and even switches it off on leaving the premises. It is desirable, on the other hand, for a Scout RX 3 robotic vacuum cleaner only to set to work when occupants have left the building.

With Loxone, Miele has attracted yet another strong partner in the field of smart home technology. Cooperation partners with their own connectivity platforms already include Busch-Jaeger/ABB with their free@home system, the Olisto app, Magenta SmartHome, Amazon Alexa and, in future, also Google Assistant.