Hisense: focus on advanced TVs and connected appliances


Hisense presented its ULED 8K Mini-LED series and 8K resolution Laser display technology solution at CES 2022. This year Hisense implements its Mini LED technology into its new premium U9H line for the first time, delivering an HDR performance with a better contrast, brighter images, and impressive colors Hisense 85U9H 8K TV has also been recognized as CES® 2022 Innovation Award Honoree. «Technology can change life – said Douglas Kern, senior director of marketing for Hisense USA-. Hisense is always dedicated to delivering high performoing, high-quality products that exceed consumers’ expectations.»

According to Hisense, Hisense the Group’s revenue exceeded 27 billion dollars in 2021, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year. The global shipment of display products represented by smart TV and commercial display exceeded 30 million units, and Hisense TVs continue to rank first in the Chinese, Japanese, South African, and Australian markets. On the appliance side, Hisense ranks first in refrigerator exports in China, and our brand Gorenje ranks first in European markets such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Hisense also plans to build three new “ConnectLife”experience centers in the United States, Europe and China. Featuring smart home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, wine cabinets and more, Hisense’s “ConnectLife” platform promises to enable a truly integrated smart home and kitchen.

«Hisense is investing into the development of connected appliances and expanding the development team of engineers and software development globally, to become a leading provider of Smart Home solutions» – says Jonas Henger, digitalization director in Hisenes Europe -. Putting the customer into the center to simplify their daily life and bring new experiences through advanced technologies and services, is the key focus of ConnectLife.»