Final show of the year for LG’s Oled-inspired art campaign


LG’s Oled-inspired art campaign is wrapping up in London this week with its final show of the year taking place at the renowned Saatchi Gallery before moving on to other regions in 2022. The show, Media Art; Reinterpreted Time, features digitally remastered works from the biggest names in contemporary art given new life by the Royal College of Art. Also on display are a curated selection of diverse works from up-and-coming artists such as Je Baak, Luke Stephenson and Ruofan Chen.

«Using LG’s self-lit Oled as a digital canvas – the company explained – the artists deliver a range of unique perspectives on the concept of time through 20 Lg Oled tv models, including G1 Series Oled evo, Z1 Series 8K and LG Signature Oled R rollable tv incorporated throughout the exhibition. The Oled canvases’ immaculate picture quality blur the line between the real and digital worlds, perfectly preserving the artists’ creative intentions».

Part of a new generation pushing the boundaries of fine art, the talented young artists represented at the exhibit are visual innovators whose work encourages audiences to consider new perspectives and reevaluate what they know. Je Baak’s acclaimed video installation series, The Moment & Morpho Luna, comprises data-based works of art he calls “metabio art” that looks at the biological causal relationship between the metaverse space and actual space. Three Lg Oled TVs – models 65R1, 65G1 and 88Z1 – serve as the medium through which Je Baak communicates the core concepts of his work.