Consumer’s experience priority of the Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center


Created at the end of 2020, Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center (Med) is now a functional place hosting 17 people of 6 different nationalities and with an average age of 30, divided into three specialization disciplines (experience strategy, experience interaction, product experience). The Center, of 250 square meter with an innovative concept, is located at Brugherio, near Milan (Italy), in the HQ of Haier Europe.

According to the comapany, the aim of the Haier Milan Experience Design Center is that of developing and integrating the product-centric approach method to a design capable of exploiting connectivity, consumer data and information to constantly improve the user experience and create ecosystems of domestic products for Candy, Hoover and Haier brands.

Part of the award-winning Haier Global Design Network – which has 240 members and 8 locations across China (Qingdao and Shanghai) and the rest of the world (Europe, United States, Japan, South Korea, India and New Zealand) to serve regions and market segments specific – Med intends to benefit from the design of the rich local ecosystem of fashion, design, architecture and home furnishings, in order to decode trends and reflect the entire spectrum of cultural and European diversity, which is of inestimable importance for Haier’s entire global design network.