Hitachi opened the Hitachi Origin Park


Hitachi announced the openinag of the Hitachi Origin Park in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture (north of Tokyo), Japan, the company’s birthplace. Origin Park is a corporate museum that introduces the company’s mission and the history of its business and social contributions over the past century. The “Odaira Memorial Museum” and the “Sogyo goya” (a recreation of Hitachi’s first factory) were newly constructed on the grounds of the “Omika Club” and the “Omika Golf Club”, Hitachi’s social welfare facilities.

«It is an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral site – the company explains – and serves as a new venue for dialogue with partners and local community. By opening a virtual exhibition in 2022 and allowing people to view the exhibits on the website, Origin Park will spread the history of Hitachi City and Hitachi to the world. Hitachi, together with its partners throughout the world, will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society where people can have a better, happier life, while respecting the company’s mission and founding spirit, the origin of Hitachi».

«Since the establishment in 1910 as a division that repaired machinery at the Hitachi Mine in Ibaraki Prefecture – the company adds – Hitachi has carefully inherited and continued to practice its mission of “contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products“. Hitachi, striving to be a “global leader in the Social Innovation Business”, has welcomed a variety of companies with diverse roots to the group, and its stakeholders including employees and business partners have become even more diverse as Hitachi expands business and open innovation globally in recent years. Against this backdrop, Hitachi decided to establish Origin Park as it believes that sharing Hitachi’s origin, including its mission, founding spirit, and history of social contribution, widely with stakeholders is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate the purpose and the way of a company it aspire to be».