Miele appliances in the Future Food System Home


Miele appliances are part of the Future Food System Home, created in Melbourne by Joost Bakker, a sustainability pioneer: it features circular systems, waste-free, and provides an ample supply of energy from renewable sources. In kitting out the building with energy-saving domestic appliances, Miele products were Bakker’s first choice.

The three-storey, two-bedroomed house produces fruit and vegetables, cultures mussels and even snails on an area covering 87 m². Among other things, the property features its own controlled aeration and ventilation system and the most energy-efficient appliances from Miele. With this technology, the award-winning chefs Jo Barrett and Matt Stone, both specialists in the sustainable preparation of food, created over 250 different delectable dishes in the building at Melbourne’s Federation Square which they called home for 12 months. The project has evolved over time, with Matt and Jo moving out in October to allow more people to experience the innovative concept first-hand with Joost opening up the house for tours until April 2022.

«Sharing perfect results combined with very low consumption and the least possible impact on the environment is an aspiration which brings Joost Bakker and us together – explains Christoph Wendker, vice president corporate sustainability and regulatory affairs with the Miele Group -. Products from Miele are known for their particularly high quality and durability. In order to support consumers in adopting a holistic lifestyle which uses resources sparingly and protects the climate, we take all phases of a product’s life cycle into account – from manufacturing and use through to servicing and even recycling

Miele provides numerous innovative domestic appliances used in the preparation of high-quality dishes in the innovative productive house. Alongside a KM 7897 induction hob, Stone and Barrett have relied upon a fridge-freezer combination with PerfectFresh Pro in which a combination of temperature (approx. 0°C) and ideal humidity levels helps keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer. A H 7860 BP wall oven ensures optimum baking and roasting results. The two chefs also used a Miele combi steam oven to retain the intensive and natural taste of their dishes.