New innovation center for Groupe SEB


Groupe SEB has opened a new global innovation center located at Ecully, in the Rhône region. It comprises six centers of excellence, a multidisciplinary hub and an innovation strategy team. The new facility is dedicated to the creation of disruptive innovation concepts and collaborates with Business Units to develop product offerings for all of the Group’s brands.

Innovation is one of the key drivers of Groupe SEB that invested 240 million euro in this area in 2020. According to the company, new products contribute to sales growth: 60% of sales is generated with products that are less than three years old. One-third of the Groupe’s product offering is renewed every year. In addition, Groupe SEB holds around 20,000 patents and over 20,000 trademarks and designs worldwide, with 443 patents registered in 2020.

«The creation of a center of excellence dedicated to observing and understanding consumer behavior, at a very early stage in the process – commented the company – is a priority strategic business activity which Groupe SEB intends to strengthen. Whether through the Culinary Observation Center, the Living Lab or anthropological resources, the Innovation Division has the available capacity to increase its knowledge of our consumers in conditions that are as close as possible to real-life. These behavioral studies increase understanding of the physical use of a product or service. This enables the Group to develop concepts which will capture future consumer trends».