Miele solutions to reduce food waste at home


Miele proposes some solutions to minimise food waste. One of these is the PerfectFresh Pro system allowing food stay fresh for up to 5 times longer than in a conventional refrigerator vegetable drawer. The temperature range from 0°C to +3°C offers ideal conditions to extend the shelf life of meat, fish and many dairy products. According to the company, PerfectFresh Active even goes one step further: every 90 minutes and every time the door is opened, water aerosol is sprayed directly into the fresher drawer. This combination of low temperatures and humidity helps to avoid premature food spoilage. It also creates the conditions which protect the quality and nutrients in fruit and vegetables.

Another solutions that can help to reduce food waste is TasteControl in the oven, that prevents food from overcooking or drying out. Once the pre-set cooking time ends, the door opens to the ajar position, and the cooling fan expels hot air. This reduces the temperature by around 100°C within the space of 5 minutes. Then, the oven door closes again automatically, allowing food inside the oven to be actively kept warm at the required temperature.

Smart Food ID feature, instead, is a camera that detects the food in the oven and uses an automatic programme to control cooking. Miele explains that this is a feature which provides a valuable service in avoiding food wastage: Smart Food ID reduces the likelihood of food inadvertently burning and having to be thrown away. Miele’s CookAssist assumes a similar function: this smart helper makes constant temperature adjustments or even food overcooking a thing of the past. On the hob, Miele’s intelligent TempControl sensor guarantees the right temperature at all times by recognising the temperature of cookware and holding it automatically constant.