Better results in less time


The most modern kitchen appliances are designed to simplify users’ lives by speeding up the various operations taking place in this environment, so as to obtain good results without having to spend too much time on the most complex and tiring activities.

by Elena Corti

When we think of kitchen appliances, we generally associate the concept of saving with the fact of consuming less energy and less water. But savings are not only these ones: the latest generation devices also allow you to use less time and effort, speeding up operations and making them simpler, while maintaining high performance. This allows users to have more time for themselves, because thanks to technology everything ca be done quickly and better, debunking the old proverb saying that “soon and well cannot be together”.

Thanks to the QuickPowerWash program, the new G 7160 SCVi dishwasher by Miele allows to wash a normally dirty load in just 58 minutes. In addition, the machine allows a flexible management of spaces (MultiFlex 3D cutlery drawer, ComfortPlus lower and upper basket) in order to stow dishes in the best possible way, reducing the number of necessary washes.

Little free time is one of the themes most felt by consumers due to the often frenetic lifestyles and home appliances manufacturers have developed various solutions to make these products evolved tools capable of making daily life really simpler, speeding up the necessary domestic activities and automating processes as much as possible. In the field of dishwashers, for example, there are models equipped with a rapid cycle that allows to have the load clean in just an hour. Furthermore, the presence of the program dedicated to crystals means that it is no longer necessary to take the time to wipe the glasses with a cloth in order to remove residual stains. Another useful aid is the possibility to customize the internal set up of the dishwasher thanks to adjustable baskets, third basket and a more effective organization of the space: all this makes the appliance adaptable to any need and allows to reduce the number of washes, saving the loading and unloading time because the dishes are stowed better so that more pieces can be put in the machine in the same cycle.

As for washing machines, there are products equipped with more than one rapid cycle with different times (for example cycles of 14, 30 and 44 minutes) to quickly refresh garments that are not too dirty so that they are cleaned quickly. Furthermore, washing machines that have a steam function allow the fibers of the garments to be stretched, thus reducing subsequent ironing times. Further innovations are also the washing machines with double basket that allow to do two laundry at once (for example white clothes and colored ones) and the models in which it is possible to insert garments even when the cycle has started: in case the user has forgotten to introduce some clothes, it is no longer necessary to wait to do a new wash cycle. Refrigerators also offer fast features like super freeze and super cool to speed up the timing when you need to cool food quickly. In addition, the No-frost technology avoids having to waste time defrosting the freezer.

The Candy Smart Steam Wifi steam oven can also be managed remotely, finding it already at the right temperature when returning home, without having to wait for the time to heat up. This product can also be controlled by voice and, thanks to the Candy simply-Fi app, it allows to choose among more than 200 recipes. Smart Steam ovens guarantee quick and effortless cleaning through two possible systems: Aquactiva (which uses steam) and pyrolysis.

On the cooking front, then, ovens and hobs do not lack tools to do quickly and well. The latest generation ovens, for example, are equipped with rapid pre-heating to reach the desired temperature more quickly; in addition, the possibility of multilevel cooking allows you to prepare different dishes at the same time without mixing odors. There are also models designed with a special function that allows to cook 2 standard pizzas in less than 3 minutes, cooking them in a similar way to what would happen with a wood oven, and steam appliances that have a Turbo function (designed for lovers of classic pizza with a thin and crisp base), which guarantees fast cooking of the dough thanks to a combination of high temperature, heat coming from below and homogeneous ventilation.

Thanks to the Pizza function, the FCLPO 6215 P TEM BK oven by Fulgor Milano cooks 2 standard pizzas in less than 3 minutes at the optimum temperature of 350 °C. In addition, it allows multi-level cooking and rapid heating to quickly reach the chosen temperature. It also has a self-cleaning system for pyrolysis and automatic cooking with pre-selected and editable recipe book.

Again with regard to steam ovens, the water refilling operation is also rapid thanks to mechanisms that allow the tank to be removed and filled without interrupting the cooking program. A further innovation that can be found in some models of advanced ovens is the automatic rapid cooling: in practice the product door opens and closes with a motor device, letting the heat out so that cooking stops and the desired degree is not exceeded. And with some products, then, the interaction is very fast thanks to the fact that the household appliance integrates a proximity sensor: just get closer and the cooking compartment immediately lights up or the display is activated.
Other types of appliances that allow you to cook while saving time are ovens combined with microwaves, which take advantage of this cooking method to speed up the food preparation process. Finally, as far as real microwaves are concerned, there are models that, in addition to defrosting and cooking in a short time, are built in such a way that a powerful flow of hot air is blown directly on food through a series of holes to even faster and more uniform cooking. With regard to hobs, then, induction products are generally equipped with the Booster function to immediately obtain maximum power so as to reduce cooking times to a minimum. Moreover, some models have automatic programs such as the one to bring a liter of water to the boil in just 3 minutes. A further saving of time is then guaranteed by the hobs that automatically connect to the hood adjusting the adequate suction level by themselves to eliminate fumes and odors: it is therefore no longer necessary for the user to perform this operation manually. As for the gas hobs, models that include triple ring burners allow to cook faster: the three concentric rings guarantee high flame power and distribute the heat evenly both in the center and in the most external parts of the pots (even of large dimensions). Finally, a mention of hoods and hobs with integrated extractor system: the intensive mode (or even in some products double intensive) increases the suction power, quickly eliminating even the most persistent odors.

GFP93IX multifunction oven by Glem Gas. It is equipped with the PRH function allowing to quickly pre-heat the appliance. The product reaches 200°C in a few minutes, thus reducing the total cooking time. Furthermore, among its functions there is the special Pizza program which allows to cook pizzas at exactly the same temperature as a wood oven, quickly and evenly.

In the kitchen, however, it is not only large appliances that save time and effort. Even small appliances integrate functions and accessories capable of speeding up operations with excellent results. The kitchen robot, for example, allow you to work quickly with different types of ingredients. Thanks to blades, whisks, hooks, discs and planetary movement, the user can quickly cut, slice, grate, emulsify, whip and knead. The most modern models have a real sets of accessories: alongside the more classic tools, some manufacturers offer accessories derived from the professional world, designed for those who love to experiment in the kitchen, such as pasta cutters, dough sheeters, meat mincers and vegetable mixers. Again in the context of small household appliances, in addition to the food processor also the immersion blenders are more and more often equipped with some accessories to facilitate and speed up the preparation of food: for example, protection for pots, whip, graduated mixing jug and grinder. Another appliance that combines speed and quality is the automatic coffee machine: it heats up quickly and can dispense coffee and milk-based drinks in a very short time, simply by pressing a button. As for the capsule models, among the latest innovations there is the voice control to make interaction with the appliance even faster and more convenient. Finally, another appliance designed with a specific function to save time is the toaster: some products are in fact equipped with Fast Toasting to reduce toasting times.

Induction is a technology that guarantees quick cooking, allowing for example to boil water in a few minutes. The Whirlpool SMP 9010 C/NE /IXL hob is also equipped with automatic functions to make cooking operations even simpler and faster, with intelligent 6th SENSE sensors that detect and regulate the temperature of the pan according to the selected program and SmartSense Assisted Cooking (up to 63 cooking combinations).

Cleanining appliances in a faster and effortlessly way

The Air line by Faber includes V-Air vertical solution and V-Air Flat vertical solution. Both models are equipped with the Double Intensive function (which quickly eliminates cooking vapors and odors) and the K-Link function which, through a radio connection between the Faber hood and the Faber induction hob, automatically adjusts the suction power based on the selected cooking level.

One of the most tedious and tiring aspects of using a kitchen appliance is to clean it, whether it’s a large or small appliance. Manufacturers have particularly concentrated on this issue to find solutions that make this necessary but often long activity quicker and easier. The oven, for example, is one of the most difficult products to clean: among the latest innovations there are models with pyrolytic cleaning systems that reach very high temperatures to reduce dirt practically to ashes so to remove it quickly from the cooking compartment and clean the oven simply by wiping with a cloth. The hydrolytic cleaning system also allows you to speed up the maintenance of this appliance: this technology uses the power of steam to soften the dirt so that it can be removed in a short time and without too much effort. In the induction hobs, on the other hand, the smooth surface is designed to make cleaning a quick and easy operation, while in other kitchen appliances (such as some models of dishwashers and coffee machines) the programs of self-cleaning keep the appliances efficient without the user have to spend too much time for this activity. Finally, with regard to small household appliances in particular, one of the aspects that could discourage the use of these products in the past is precisely the fact of having to take time to clean them. Today the presence of systems such as the Reverse function of the extractors and the opportunity to wash most of the accessories in the dishwasher make the care of these appliances much more practical and quick.

Many are the accessories of the KitchenAid Artisan food processor, capable of making food preparations faster and easier. For example, the set that includes a dough sheeter and two stainless steel pasta cutters for precise and smooth cutting of the dough. In addition, the robot includes a vegetable slicer/grater with 3 interchangeable blades and a 2 in 1 pestle (it slices and chops fruit and vegetables of any diameter), the meat grinder and the vegetable mill.

Less time and fewer errors with the automatic programs
Many state-of-the-art appliances have a large number of automatic programs to guide the user so that he does not "get lost in attempts", automating processes as much as possible so as to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time and with the least effort. Whether it is cooking or taking care of clothes or dishes, the wide variety of automatic programs simplifies the user's life by reducing the timing of the activities taking place in the kitchen. The setting of the various functions is easy and fast thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly displays.
Connectivity saves time
Finding the oven already hot when you return home or the laundry already done so to be able to dry clothes immediately: the connected appliances offer the possibility of managing the appliances even remotely, saving precious time so that the end user can devote himself to other than household chores. Furthermore, the opportunities offered by the connection with the various apps allow for example to access recipe books to quickly find ideas and suggestions for a lunch or dinner to be made at the last minute.
Baraldi's Diamond hob with Easy Lift system
The Diamond suction hobs line bt Baraldi integrates the Easy Lift system which allows immediate and easy cleaning. Thanks to two double pistons, the glass of the hob rises completely and remains in position allowing to easily clean any food residues or liquids that have fallen into the area below. The hob then closes smoothly without the risk of accidental fall.

Easy Clean system to speed up the slicer cleaning
R.G.V. has conceived the Easy Clean system to clean the slicer quickly and easily. This solution allows the plate of the appliance to be tilted so that cleaning the cutting area is more convenient and faster. In addition, the food holder with removable and dishwasher safe finger protection makes cleaning futher quick.