Zvei: +12% for German electrical and electronic exports in the first seven months 2021


Zvei, the German electrical and electronic manufacturers’ association, reported the export data of the industry during July 2021 and during the first seven months of the year. According to the Association, the exports of the German electric industry grew by 6.8% (year on year) to 18 billion euro in July 2021. «The recent increase – Zvei comments – was smaller than in the four preceding months, in which the deliveries abroad still had advanced with double-digit rates –of course, not least because of base effects».

In the full first seven months of this year the sector’s exports reach the value of 126.7 billion euro, recording a growth of 12% compared to the year earlier. Imports of electrical and electronic goods, instead, surpassed their corresponding pre-year level by 9.8% in July, totalizing 16.6 billion euro. Here the pace of expansion slowed down, too. Accumulated from January through July 2021 the incoming deliveries reached 121 billion euro. With it, they were up 16.5% on their pre-year level.
Electric exports to the industrialized countries reached 11.5billion in July 2021 (+8.1% year over year). The highest increases were reported for the deliveries to Taiwan (+18.3%), South Korea (+17.8%), the Czech Republic (+14.7%), Italy (+13.5%), the Netherlands (+13.2%) and Sweden (+12.9%). Regarding deliveries to the emerging markets, Zvei reported a merely climbed by 4.5% (year-on-year) in July 2021. With an increase of 53.3% the biggest plus was recorded for exports to South Africa, while deliveries to Brazil (+43.3%) and India (+39.7%) were starkly on the rise, too.