Two Miele dishwashers at the top of Stiftung Warentest rating


Miele dishwashers reived other recognitions by German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest. Among 60 cm wide units, the fully integrated G 5260 SCVi Active Plus (top-edge controls) came out tops. In the integrated category, the same was achieved by the G 5210 SCi Active Plus, a technically identical model with front controls. Both were the only models to achieve an overall mark of 2.1. In total, the test covered 18 units, whereof 14 had a width of 60 cm and 4 were 45 cm slimline models.

Energy efficiency and advanced tecnologies characterized these Miele home appliances. In the EnergySave and Automatic programmes, Miele machines used the least amount of water and convinced with their cleaning performance. The test winners achieved top marks for ‘Handling’ (1.9) and ‘Sound emissions’ (1.1), making them the quietest of all contestants. «The fact that our dishwashers have once again been commended as best products in the test – said Lothar Wedeking, Miele Product Manager in Miele’s ‘Dishwashers’ business unit – underlines the convincing overall performance of our appliances».

According to the new energy labelling scheme, these machines achieve a C energy efficiency rating. Under the previous regime, this would have been an A+++ rating. Low water consumption starting at only 6 l in the ‘Automatic’ programme is the result of EcoPower technology with its special circulation pump, its optimised spray arms and its efficient filtration system.

Add to this patented AutoOpen drying, a feature only available from Miele. In this case, the door opens to the ajar position at the end of a programme to ensure good drying results, even on plastics, laminates and glass. The associated reduced main wash temperature accelerated drying and a shorter cycle time saves energy and time. These machines can also be connected to a hot water supply. This considerably reduces energy consumption once again and saves up to 50% on electricity. All Miele dishwashers are tested for 20 years of use.