Pizza Oven by ILVE makes a pizza in 2 minutes


Among the cooking home appliances crested by ILVE, Pizza Oven is the specific solution for those who love prepare pizza at home. The model is able to cook at 400°C, preparing a crispy and tasty pizza in 2 minutes. This performance is achieved thanks to the special shape of the inner muffle that uses deflectors and air conveyors concentrated both above and below the pizza. The constructive components of the machine contribute to this result and allow it to withstand such high temperatures.

The Pizza Oven, however, also performs all the functions of a traditional oven thus expanding its range of use. By removing the deflectors consumers will obtain a compact oven with the same features of a regular convection oven, with three cooking levels and a temperature adjustable from 30° to 400°.

ILVE supplies Pizza Oven with many accessories, such as 2 deflectors that create the optimal air circulation in the cavity, which is essential for a perfect cooking of pizza; 2 racks, whose purpose is to hold the pizza in position and to allow for a perfect and uniformed cooking even of the bottom. A stainless steel professional peel is also supplied to put pizzas in the oven in a safe and easy way, while the stainless steel pastry board, useful for spreading out and working the dough, is supplied as an optional.