Fume extraction: the four dimensions of integration


Anti-noise, anti-condensation, compact and furnishing solutions: hoods and extraction systems fit better and better in the home environment, ensuring comfort, functionality and harmony with the different spaces and styles of the kitchen.
by Elena Corti

The latest generation hoods and extraction systems are designed to integrate perfectly into the kitchen environment. The integration touches various aspects: from silence to functionality in combination with the hob, up to the inclusion in even small rooms. Added to this, there is the growing attention of consumers towards the aesthetics of household appliances, with the demand for products that are not only effective at an operational level but also beautiful to look at. The solutions proposed on the market meet all these needs, with advanced technologies and design capable of integrating harmoniously into the furnishings.
In terms of silence, the current situation has put further more emphasis on the quality of the places in which we live. Today house is a space where we spend a lot of time and kitchen is more than ever the heart of the home environment: it is not only the room where food is prepared, but it is also a space where it is possible to work or study and a place of conviviality. It is therefore essential that hoods and extraction systems ensure low noise not to be annoying, ensuring indoor air quality without sacrificing comfort. Advanced technologies, developed thanks to studies or air flows, allow to reduce the level of acoustic pollution, obtaining effective devices from the point of view of aspiration and at the same time silent.
Hoods, moreover, must be combined with the most modern cooking technologies in the best way, in particular with induction hobs. However, a problem that can be created by using these two appliances at the same time is the formation of condensation: also in this case, various technical solutions have been developed that make it possible to avoid this annoying inconvenience. However, where there is not enough space for the installation of a hood, a possible alternative is the extraction hob, which integrates the cooking and extraction functions in a single appliance. Today, different versions of these appliances are available, also designed to fit into small spaces thanks to their compact size.
Finally, an aspect that is by no means secondary in products such as hoods and extractor hobs is their design, which embellishes the kitchen environment in harmony with the furnishings, also satisfying style needs as well as functionality and ergonomics. There is no shortage of models signed by well-known architects and designers, with refined and innovative aesthetics and finishes, which make these products furnishing objects as well as highly technological appliances.
In the wide choice of products that brands offer, we propose four examples showing how hoods and extractor hobs “translate” the concept of integration into the four mentioned areas.

DryDrop eliminates condensation problems
The solution developed by Baraldi prevents cooking vapors, condensing, from creating the annoying phenomenon of dripping when the hood is used in combination with the induction hob.
Induction cooking is becoming more and more widespread and is one of the main innovations that have contributed to innovating the world of kitchen appliances. However, the cooking method of this technology is different from gas cooking and this must be considered also in the interaction with hood. Induction hob has in fact the characteristic of not heating the air around the pots and pans, which instead happens when a gas hob is used. This means that during cooking, if the room temperature is not hot enough, fumes and vapors come in contact with the cold surfaces of the hood creating the condensation phenomenon. The thermal difference is called dew point. Especially in the case of prolonged cooking, the formation of condensation can cause the presence of drops that fall annoyingly on the kitchen hob: to solve the problem, Baraldi has developed the DryDrop technology, presented in 2021. Thanks to a controlled thermal system, the lower panel of the hood heats up sufficiently, avoiding that steam from the pots form condensation. In detail, the technology includes a newly designed heating element controlled by a timer; a spongy filter that collects the sucked fumes and vapors, blocking the residual condensate which, even if it falls back, is collected in a tray inside the hood. The bottom of this compartment is in turn heated and this causes any residual water to evaporate. The system is practical and does not require emptying any container or disassembling any part, making it convenient for the end user: DryDrop stops the condensation process automatically and makes every drop of water inside the hood evaporate. The function can be activated whenever necessary and turns off automatically thanks to a timer. The DryDrop technology is integrated in different types of Baraldi hoods, such as the wall-mounted Lea model, the Lea Isola version and the Profile and Block Star Plus built-in hoods.
Baraldi Lea:
Lea hood with DryDrop anti-condensation system. The product can be adjusted on 4 speeds, including the intensive mode. It has perimeter extraction, timer, automatic shut-off function and indicator of the necessary to clean or replace the filters.

Baraldi Profile:
Available in filtering or suction versions and in stainless steel and black colors, the Profile hood integrates the DryDrop technology. It is in A class and has a suction power of 700 m3/h. It is equipped with perimeter extraction with opening panel and washable multi-layer aluminum grease filter.
An extractor hob even in the most compact kitchens
NikolaTesla Fit by Elica is designed for installation even in small spaces. This model is characterized by essential desig, advanced technologies and ease of cleaning.
Especially in big cities, small apartments and small kitchens are becoming more and more common. Precisely thinking about the needs of this type of environment, Elica has designed the NikolaTesla Fit hob with integrated suction, which can be inserted also in small spaces. This product can be installed in 60 cm bases, with a surface area of 60 or 72 cm. The suction system is completely hidden inside the induction hob: a small pressure on the central part is enough to activate the suction, a solution that combines design, ergonomics and functionality. The compact dimensions, however, do not sacrifice freedom of movement on the hob: in fact the shape of the suction part has been designed to make room for any type of pot and thanks to the Bridge function it is also possible to combine two cooking zones to create a single area for placing larger pans. As far as the extraction performance is concerned, the high collection capacity exceeds the speed of the rising fumes: the appliance is effective in extracting cooking vapors but it is not noisy. Furthermore, in the filtering version, NikolaTesla Fit has special high performance long life filters ensuring filtering thresholds of 80% (compared to the market average of 60%) and can be regenerated for up to 5 years. As far as technology is concerned, one of the most innovative functions is Autocapture which sets the suction power independently based on what is being cooked: so the end user only has to think about making the recipe he wants to prepare. Finally, as far as cleaning is concerned, the completely linear surface in glass-ceramic material makes operations simple and fast, as well as product maintenance. All filters are accessible from the central compartment and, if liquid accidentally falls into the suction nozzle, the appliance will not be damaged: a special internal valve allows any spilled liquid to be discharged, guaranteeing safety and hygiene. NikolaTesla Fit completes the collection of NikolaTesla extractor hobs, with which it shares the minimal style and advanced technologies.
NikolaTesla Fit has won numerous awards for design and innovation: PlusX Award 2021, A’ design Award 2021 (Platinum winner), IF Design Award 2021, German Innovation Award 2021, Iconic Awards - Interior Innovation 2021 - Best of the best.

The Glow hood by Faber, a piece of furniture
Designed by Carlo Colombo, this model with sophisticated style stands out for sober and sinuous lines enhancing the kitchen environment inserting harmoniously in domestic space.
Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Glow hood by Faber interprets the evolution of the cooking environment, which increasingly becomes part of the living room. Glow fits into the domestic space as a piece of furniture, with its sinuous lines that enhance the kitchen. Light is a distinctive feature of Glow too: in fact, a circular Led creates a thin illuminated wire, in line with the latest trends in lighting design. Instead, a more powerful and warm light involves the lower body of the hood, making the appliance a design chandelier. This model responds to the growing consumer interest in solutions that are both performing and beautiful estetically. However, design does not limit performance, and the refined aesthetics of Glow hides a technological heart that makes this product an appliance able of providing high performance. In particular, the appliance is equipped with “up&down” technology which allows the hood to be brought closer to the hob when the user is cooking, and to raise it when it is no longer needed. Glow features the innovative Airlane technology that allows to extract fumes and vapors by eliminating any form of piping. The secret is a second motor, positioned on the ceiling, which sucks the air captured by the hood, expelling it outside and avoiding it to return in the kitchen. Thanks to in-depth studies in the field of fluid dynamics, Faber has managed to concentrate the flow of air exiting from the hood in an “invisible duct” so that it can be picked up by the second motor placed in the false ceiling. By exploiting the movement of fluids, it was thus possible to create an innovative and efficient solution. In addition, Glow can be connected to Faber induction hobs and is equipped with an automatic delayed engine shutdown function to complete the elimination of residual odors even after cooking has finished. The 24 button allows instead to leave the appliance in operation for 24 hours so as to maintain a continuous air-exchange with a low level of noise. Finally, the Intensive Speed function activates the timed intensive suction which allows the hood to work at maximum suction for 6 minutes in order to quickly eliminate fumes and odors.
Glow, in A class, is equipped with up & down and Airlane technologies.

Falmec's NRS system for acoustic comfort
Result of the collaboration with the University of Padua, the patented Noise Reduction System technology reduces the noise level of the hood to a minimum, while maintaining high performance.
With the Silence collection, Falmec has managed to combine high suction performance and silence. The hoods of this range in fact integrate the NRS (Noise Reduction System) technology, born from a study on the optimization of air flows and the use of sound-absorbing materials. The research was conducted by Falmec in collaboration with the University of Padua and laboratories specialized in fluid dynamics. The result is a significant decrease in noise by up to 86% less. The tests carried out at “db” level comparing the NRS system with a standard hood, show that, compared to a common extractor hood on the market the noise level has been drastically reduced. The perception of noise follows a logarithmic scale so that each decrease of 1db corresponds to a reduction in noise equal to about 20%: the tests carried out on different speed levels of the hood indicate that in NRS systems decibels are significantly reduced. The NRS technology gives the best results through the evacuation of cooking fumes, but it can also be used in a filtering version, with a high-performance, long-lasting and regenerable carbon filter.
In the Silence line there is also Zenith NRS, which can be activated on 3 speeds + Booster through the electronic control panel. It has an 800 mc/h motor and operation can also be controlled and adjusted via radio frequency from Falmec induction hobs thanks to the Dialogue System technology. Besides being silent and effective in eliminating fumes and odors, Zenith NRS also has a style with clean and essential lines, designed by Vittore Niolu. The hood has a stainless steel body with scotch brite finish and a shelf entirely in tempered glass (available in 90 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm sizes), profiled by a steel frame along its entire perimeter. Furthermore, the Led lighting system diffuses the light evenly, both downwards and upwards, creating a pleasant atmosphere inside the kitchen environment.
Zenith NRS has a Led lighting system diffusing light not only on the worktop but also in the surrounding space.