Sherwood new Smeg sales manager of Northeast Usa

Jason Sherwood is the new Northeast Regional Manager for Smeg Usa

Smeg announces the nomination of Jason Sherwood as the Northeast Regional Manager for Smeg Usa, spearheading the company’s sales efforts in its American home base of the Northeast Corridor, New England, and Mid-Atlantic. Sherwood will be responsible for overseeing interactions with buying groups and kitchen design trade representatives in the region, and will manage major appliance sales throughout the area.

Hailing from Annapolis, the manager is native of the region he will be managing. He also has previous professional experience in the home appliances sector, working for the German brand Miele, and was a previous long-time member of the mobile device, application, and security community at Blackberry. Sherwood brings a wealth of sales experience in multiple industries to Smeg, as well as a strong rooting in kitchen design. His cosmopolitan educational and industry background will give him a diverse perspective on the company’s efforts as it moves forward.

«Jason was already familiar with Smeg as a brand, and really seemed to understand our underlying philosophy – commented Paul McCormack, the brand’s national-level director of sales and marketing – Having worked with him before, I’m really looking forward to seeing what his energy and experience will bring us as we continue to grow throughout America.»

Jason Sherwood said in turn: «What Smeg has done, blending technological innovation with such recognizable, beautiful design elements, is just incredible, especially our many partnerships with renowned designers and architects. I’m extremely excited to be a part of the company as it reaches the largest audience it’s ever had, and to get to contribute to our growth goals, roadmaps, and business development. I’m all-in on Smeg as we move forward into the latter half of 2021 and beyond.»