Petition by Aham to ask EPA to ban HFC refrigerants in home comfort products


Aham, the North American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers filed a petition with the EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), asking the agency to ban HFC refrigerants in home comfort products. With this initiative, the Association intends to make a further step toward a more sustainable industry.

«The home appliance industry – said Kevin Messner, Aham senior vice president, policy & government relations – has taken the next step in its transition to more environmentally friendly refrigerants by petitioning the EPA to ban high global warming potential (GWP) HFC refrigerants in home comfort products, such as dehumidifiers and portable and room air conditioners».

Aham is asking EPA to begin the ban of these HFCs as soon as 2023 for portable air conditioners and most room air conditioners. «The home appliance industry – Messner added – has already transitioned out of HFC blowing agent and by next year, most refrigerators will no longer use HFC refrigerants. The industry is continuing its commitment to the environment by announcing this latest step to move to more environmentally friendly refrigerants. We look forward to working with EPA to expedite the approval of this petition»