Hisense Home Appliances will be the controlling shareholder of Sanden


Hisense Home Appliances announced that it planned to subscribe for 83,6 million shares of common stock of Sanden, representing approximately 75% of the total voting rights and becoming the controlling shareholder of Sanden. Founded in 1943, Sanden is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has achieved sales revenue of 1.58 billion euro in the fiscal year of 2019. «With the current development of automobiles towards electrification, intellectualization, networking and sharing, new energy electric vehicle heat pump air-conditioning and battery fast charging technology are rapidly gaining in popularity. – they explain from Hisense Home Appliances -. Sanden is the world’s leading first-class manufacturer and supplier of automotive air-conditioning compressors and automotive air-conditioning systems with a high level of global brand awareness and its market share for the global sales of automotive air-conditioning compressors ranked the second in 2019. New generation electric compressors, integrated thermal management systems and automotive air-conditioning products developed by Sanden have been extensively used in new energy electric vehicles». According to the company, Hisense will use Sanden as the core company to expand into the automotive air-conditioning compressor and automotive air-conditioning industries, to achieve Hisense’s expansion in different industries and enhance the profitability of Sanden through the sharing of technologies, supply chains, talents, and manufacturing resources.