Baraldi’s Eva dresses of gold


Eva is one of the most innovative hoods created by the Italian company Baraldi. It is a hanging model, characterized by a refined modern design with a conical shape. It is available in stainless steel finish, white or the new color gold of the East. Eva is also equipped with the latest generation engine 800 m3/h and high-power Led, managed via a remote control. The filtration takes place by means of charcoal filters or with the hi-filter that can be washed and regenerated for a total duration of up to 3 years. Made-in-Italy design is one of the distinguishing feature of the Baraldi production, that is reakuzed with steel, glass and a series of valuable materials. But Baraldi’s models also ensure a high level of technology and functionality that allow to obtain efficiency, quiet operation and ease of use. In addition, some accessories are available on request, such as total grease filter, additional filter 95% (A*) with activated carbon odor filter, fireplaces kit and others. Baraldi’s catalog also include a wide range of advanced and sophisticated induction hobs.