CDP assigned a double “A” score to Electrolux


Electrolux has been recognized for its sustainability commitment with a double “A” score by the global non-profit CDP. CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is a widely recognized measure of strong corporate environmental transparency. Over 5 800 businesses were scored based on data submitted through CDP’s questionnaires in 2020.
Electrolux is one of few companies to receive top marks both for its efforts to tackle climate change and acting to protect water security. For five years Electrolux has been on the CDP climate A list, whilst the place on the water A list is a first.
This ywar Electrolux introduced a plan to replace high-impact greenhouse gases in all of its appliances by 2023, in support of the Paris climate agreement. The company has also decided to base part of the remuneration to senior managers on targets for the successful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This is done by linking part of the Group’s long-term incentive (LTI) program to its science-based targets.
«Our overall sustainability framework – explained Henrik Sundström, Vice President for Sustainability Affairs at Electrolux – is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and represents our strong commitment to contribute to key global challenges. We are pleased to be recognized by CDP for our actions to tackle climate change, address water security risks and meet our ambitious climate targets.»
To further drive global action on water security, Electrolux has joined the recently launched 50L Home Coalition. Businesses, governments and organizations such as the World Economic Forum have joined forces to drive development of innovative solutions for responsible water usage in homes. Electrolux will work with WWF to further develop its work on water stewardship and update the company’s context-based water roadmap and targets.