Specialista, cookers born from the Italian passion


The range launched this year by Glem Gas offers a choice of professional models, of solid Italian quality and style. Advanced technologies and functions ensure high performance and ease of use

The range of Glem Gas Specialista cooker offers professional performance, solidity and high level functions. The models are available in the three ST, SB and SE styles, respondant on current trends of the market.

by Tiziana Corti

Glem Gas has equipped the Specialista cookers with cutting-edge technologies and solutions, such as the new HP•C (High Power Compact) burner, the new high efficiency (A+ class) sealed oven cavity with XXL dimensions and the new reinforced base.

Professionalism and style meet each other in the Specialista range, the latest born in Glem Gas home, which includes several models of high performance free-standing cookers, solid and aesthetically refined. A proposal declined in different types of colors and finishes, from the most discreet and classic to the most unusual and original, to meet the different tastes of the international markets.
Glem Gas is, in fact, an Italian company with sixty years of history, which transfers the taste, quality and passion of made-in-Italy to each of its product, bringing the art of good cuisine all over the world. With the Specialista models, available in the three ST, SB and SE styles, the true vocation of this company is concretized, that of “Specialisti in cottura” (Specialists in cooking). Marco Guerzoni, Marketing Director of Glem Gas, tells how this line was born and what its outstanding features are.

Marco Guerzoni, Marketing Director of Glem Gas

After sixty years of history, Glem Gas remains very faithful to its vocation of Specialisti in Cottura (Cooking Specialists), are you satisfied with this choice?
Absolutely satisfied, we are proud of our choice. The greatest satisfaction comes, however, from the results that the market is reserving us: in this troubled 2020 we expect to grow and reach 90 milions euro at group level, consolidating our share of market leader in our reference countries and areas, such as Italy and the Middle East above all, but not only. It urges us to do even better and to continue to invest with coherence in our brand proposal.

And thanks to the know-how gained maintaining this focus, the Specialista range was born, one of your flagships. Which are the products of this collection?
Specialisti in Cottura, our payoff, continues to be the way that defines us and leads us to the design of high-performance and reliable products, preserving and enhancing a know-how typical of a strong mechanical and culinary tradition, born in the heart of Emilia region.
The new Specialista line, projectually conceived during our 60th anniversary, wants to give maximum expression to the homonymous concept. The three ST, SB and SE styles for embracing the main segments of the market, typically medium-high for us, are the three latest aesthetic born and designed following this philosophy. They ensure professional performance and transform the cooking action in a unique and extraordinary experience.

Would you like to describe their technical details?
The range is characterized above all by excellent performance and maximum ease of use, the basis of our philosophy. It is enhanced by an exclusive design, typical of a highly professional cooker but ergonomic and extremely functional, always at the service of practicality of use.
Always talking about design with a focus on the Italian market, with Specialista we have resumed and expanded the concept of color in free-standing cookers, not only in a concept of rustic and/or vintage environment but also of modern kitchen environment. With Specialista ST we can indeed boast the introduction of opaque colors, Carbon Black, Tomato Red and Flour White, while for SB, in addition to Carbon Black, other more classic but equally flexible colors have been added: Parmesan yellow and Lambrusco Red. In terms of functionality, prominent features are: the new HP•C burner with an innovative compact shape with high efficiency vertical flame for the hob, a new conception of oven cavity, sealed and without joints to guarantee uniform heat, high energy efficiency and extreme ease of cleaning, and finally the new reinforced base which, together with the XXL big feet and the new quick fixing system, guarantees greater stability and durability over time.

What innovations have the devices of this series introduced compared to older similar models?
As said above, on a functional level we can mention the new 4 kW HP•C (High Power Compact) burner which provides both higher performance (+ kW) and better efficiency. Then, the new sealed oven cavity ensuring high efficiency (A+ class) with the XXL size and the extra door mouth opening and the new reinforced base. Moreover, to distinguish the Specialista models, we have introduced a new comfort closing system of the oven door for a solid seal and reduced the noise level when the door is closed. In the models equipped with a lid, instead, we have added a new self-standing closure system, which allows it to remain open up to an angle of 30°, thus avoiding any accidental closures.

What are the advantages that a user who cooks with a model of the Specialista range can enjoy?
In addition to the aforementioned technical and functional innovations, what we want for each of our customers is that he feels protagonist in the kitchen with his own recipes and experiences, together with the Glem Gas product. Specialista is not just an appliance for cooking in the best way, but is expression of an Italian style that combines ingenuity and imagination, merging them into a single experience, the “good Italian cuisine”. Sense of belonging, sharing of style and experiences contribute to increasing the relationship that is established between an object and those who use it, so choosing to make it enter in their everyday life, this is La Buona Cucina Italiana for us, this is the strong interpretation we carry out in Glem Gas and the main benefit that we want to share with our customers.

The cookers of this series boast a sophisticated design: what materials and finishes did you choose to achieve this result?
Stainless steel, metal finishes, aluminum, tempered glass and the careful choice of colors for each element, from the most predominant to the smallest. As Specialisti in cottura and producers from Modena, Italians, we believe that attention to every single detail is the real added value that we can offer our users. The choice of materials and finishes, first of all, allow us to create games of light and contrasts between the different finishes, enhancing all the elements of our products, in particular those of the new Specialista line.

How important is the aesthetic impact in the purchase of a kitchen appliance?
The kitchen environment in one’s home is increasingly focal also in the light of the latest events and trends. The current design, highly professional and cared in the smallest detail, lasting over time, always at the service of functionality and product interaction, allows us to maintain our brand promise: to offer the best cooking experience, according to a unique Italian style, our one!

What elements make it clear at first glance that Glem Gas cookers are born from a solid Italian culture?
I have the presumption to say that our cookers have a strong design identity not intended only as a style. In stores, regardless of whether people like them or not, the Glem Gas cookers are perfectly recognizable, reflecting a specific concept of use and design inside them, that of Specialista in cooking. The elements, or rather the ingredients, which are reflected in the totality of the product, are passion, quality, awareness, goodness of purpose, hard work, but also evolution and territoriality, typical of those who are expert in cooking. I would say that this spirit of identity, of attention to detail is intrinsic in our Italian culture, as well as a distinctive element for any  excellence of our country.

To which markets in the world are your products exported?
They are sixty in all and cover most of the five continents, obviously with different proportions and shares for each in area. We have always embraced the international orientation (75% of our sales are generated abroad), which in addition to offering us new outlet markets, has been a source of inspiration to innovate our offer.

Do you produce different ranges for the various markets in which you are present?
Our aesthetic lines remain the same, what changes are the accessories of the various models and the oven configuration. We also offer an extremely versatile range, customized in size to meet the individual needs that each country necessarily has.

Through which distribution channels do you market your products?
In countries where we have a local presence, besides to Italy – we talk about Australia, France and Portugal – we distribute directly throuh the specialized retail channel, mainly represented in Italy by Unieuro, Euronics, Expert, Trony, MediaWorld. In the other countries we follow the two-step distribution method, in which an exclusive importer/distributor stands between us and the market, which in turn distributes through its showrooms and/or specialized retailers.

What will your strategy be for 2021? Will there be any news from Glem Gas or particular initiatives that you can anticipate?
Over the next year we plan to complete the launch of the Specialista ST, SB and SE line worldwide. Then there will be room in the last part of 2021, for the built-in…we do not stop… on the contrary full speed ahead and happy 2021 to everyone!

Performance and design are combined in the Specialista cookers. Specialista ST models introduce matte colors, Carbon Black, Tomato Red and Flour White; while for SB, in addition to Carbon Black, other more classic but equally flexible colors have been added: Parmesan Yellow and Lambrusco Red.
Professional performance, but with maximum ease of use: the philosophy of Glem Gas has always been to combine performance, practicality, advanced functions and high quality in every detail.