Miele washing machine winner with Stiftung Warentest


In a test carried out by Stiftung Warentest ( one of the Germany’s leading consumer watchdog), seven frontloading washing machines with a load capacity of 8 kg were scrutinised. Among these, Miele’s WWD 320 WPS washing machine reached an overall mark of 1.6. In all categories, this model was given a ‘Very good’ or a ‘Good’ by the editorial team. In terms of ease of use and environmental properties, the Miele machine came out ‘best in test’. A further test criterion was operating costs over a period of 10 years. Here, too, the Miele contestant performed extremely well, with costs totalling only 885 euro – and used considerably less electricity and water than all the other products tested. 
Features beyond the scope of the test include Miele’s patented PowerWash technology, allowing very small loads to be washed clean using a minimum of energy (A-rated wash performance). In combination with QuickPowerWash, this is even done in less than one hour. CapDosing allows special-purpose detergents, fabric conditioner and additives to be dispensed from practical capsules. The AddLoad function makes it possible to add forgotten items almost through to the end of the programme, whilst the SoftSteam option reduces the need for ironing by up to 50% (depending on the fabric). Naturally, the WWD 320 WPS is also equipped with the Miele honeycomb drum for the ultimate in gentle laundry care. The test winner is technically identical to models WCD 330 WPS, WED 335 WPS and WSD 323 WPS.