Samsung explains the benefits of its AirDresser

YunKyung Kim (left) and Chul-Kie Park, Living Product Planning Group

Samsung AirDresser promises to manage specialty and delicate clothing items right from home. Delivering deodorization, pollutant removal, wrinkle care and drying functions in a sleek plug-in device, the AirDresser allows to keep clothing, accessories and fabric items in good condition while cutting down on trips to the dry cleaner. This appliance offers a series of functions and options, such as a ‘Delicates cycle’ for materials like chiffon and lace; ‘Special cycles’, customized for items like down jackets, outdoor wear, and school uniforms; a ‘Sanitize cycle’ that uses high-powered steam to remove germs and allergens from items like bedding and babywear. 

«We developed a device that is both powerful and easy to use. – explains Chul-Kie Park from the Living Product Planning Group at Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business -. With the AirDresser users just need to fill the water tank and plug the product into a standard electrical outlet to begin refreshing their clothes inside and out. The powerful, high-temperature steam produced by the AirDresser enables the solution’s ‘Sanitize cycle’, which eliminates 99.9% of certain types of bacteria1 and helps prevent pollutants from the outdoors from compromising your home environment. And to make things even easier, the ‘Self Clean’ function minimizes the need for hands-on cleaning.»