Samsung new Air Space refrigerators


Samsung Electronics presented the new range of Air Space refrigerators, which includes three lines: EcoFlex, Kitchen Fit ™ and SpaceMax ™. The Korean company, which has always been careful to reduce food and energy waste, with the Air Space range optimizes even more the internal zones of its products, extending the freshness of food and saving energy. Thanks to the Air Space system that uses air as insulation, the new line reaches an incredible capacity offering up to 60 liters more capacity in the standard dimensions and three different height options.
The new Air Space system uses the most effective natural insulation – air – between the two panels and thus allows to achieve excellent energy performance, already in line with the new labeling that will come into force in March 2021. With this innovative technology, the thickness of the panels decreases, the energy efficiency of the refrigerator increases and the space available is greater. The Air Space technology allows efficient insulation, which keeps the products fresh and with the right level of humidity, avoiding sudden changes in temperature and saving even in bill. EcoFlex is also enriched with new drawers designed to double the duration of food by setting the correct level of temperature and humidity, as certified by Intertek.