Moulinex launches the personalized version of Cookeo


Cookeo, the kitchen machine by Moulinex, now can be personalized with Mon Cookeo Perso, the new version of the product that allows consumers to choose a lot of details, responding to everybody’s single taste. With Mon Cookeo Perso, everyone can choose the color, the decoration on the cover’s handle, the personalized text engraved on a badge, the display background, and even exclusive recipe packs. Moreover, the Cookeo Touch Wi-Fi is equipped with large tilting touchscreen offering a large number of recipes, guiding the user step-by-step with pictures and videos, and selecting the right program to cook a perfect meal every time. And thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, Cookeo Touch is updated automatically and downloads all the latest recipes from Moulinex and the community. Cookeo is the Group’s emblematic product and bears the “product repairable for 10 years” label. “Mon Cookeo Perso” is customized by a dedicated team at Is-sur-Tille site. The model is now availbale on the French market.