Beko presents its new HygieneShield™ range


Beko presented a new home appliances range using UV light technology heat and steam for at-home disinfection. The launch of the new HygieneShield™ line was held at a global virtual press conference, where a portfolio of products created in response to emerging needs in the post-lockdown era have been shown. The Beko HygieneShield™ range includes seven appliances equipped with disinfection programmes and functions to disinfect packaged food and belongings to help people adjust to the ‘new normal’ at home. “Developed as a result of in-depth global consumer research and with innovative new technology – Beko explains – the HygieneShield™ product line has the power to kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus), providing a level of reassurance unrivalled in the market place. Our research, across 31 countries revealed that one of the primary concerns is hygiene. Many of us are disinfecting supermarket purchases when we get home, worrying about handling mobile phones and keys, or not bringing coats into the house. People have increased the amount of cleaning and laundry in their homes, with some disinfecting bedding for the first time. 75% of people are cleaning the house more often, 64% are doing more laundry and 68% are paying more attention to the cleanliness of the packaging on purchased products. Our new HygieneShield™ range takes inspiration from nature and uses methods such as steam and heat to enable you to achieve excellent hygiene results at home.”
The new products will be available from December 2020.