Whirlpool celebrated the Manufacturing Day


Whirlpool Corporation celebrated the Manufacturing Day by honoring the work of its manufacturing employees around the world. The company, that has adopted a global World Class Manufacturing (WCM) production system, has observed Manufacturing Day in the U.S. over the past five years and this year, for the first time, it has celebrated on a global scale both virtually and in its manufacturing facilities.
“Whirlpool Corporation’s manufacturing – they say from the company – is one of the core strengths of its business and is driven by the company’s World Class Manufacturing standards, which not only streamlines operations, but encourages diversity of thought from all employees. Through this approach, Whirlpool Corporation continues to advance its manufacturing systems in an ongoing effort to achieve Zero — zero injuries, zero defects and zero production down time”. 
Marc Bitzer, CEO and chairman of the Group also underlined the difficulties born with the Covid emergency
«As we have all experienced how dramatically Covid-19 has affected all parts of life – he stated – we have also realized the importance of manufacturing for our company and for society at large, said. “Without the remarkable commitment of our manufacturing workforce and the flexibility of our manufacturing sites, millions of consumers would have been without a washing machine or refrigerator in times of need.»
Established by the U.S. National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute (MI), Manufacturing Day celebrates the positive reality and long-term benefits of modern manufacturing careers.
«American manufacturing is alive and more important than ever. Our manufacturing workforce is responsible for building best in class home appliances that people count on everyday – said Joe Liotine, President of Whirlpool’s North American Region. “On Manufacturing Day, we are committed to highlighting the long-term viability of manufacturing careers. STEM education in our schools is critical to ensuring that future workers are prepared and equipped to use the latest manufacturing technology to help bring innovation to life.»