LG InstaView™, a sophisticated and versatile refrigerator


LG InstaView™ is a Door-in-Door® refrigerator offering easy access to food and an adjustable bin that fits snacks and drinks of all sizes. With this model, user can look inside the fridge without ever opening the door—just knock twice on the unique glass panel. Moreover, InstaView™ features dual ice makers with Craft Ice™ automatically create crushed, cubed and LG’s exclusive slow-melting round ice on demand for upscale, craft drinks at home – without the work. An additional ice maker on the refrigerator door dispenses traditional cubed or crushed ice with the push of a button. The model also offers 3 cooling technologies that work together to extend the life of fruits and vegetables and help keep all foods fresh: Linear Cooling keeps temperatures within 1°F of the setting, Smart Cooling uses sensors and vents for total cooling control, and Door Cooling+ delivers blasts of cool air to all areas of the refrigerator. LG InstaView™ is available in different variants, including Side-By-Side, French 3-Door and 4-Door models, plus a variety of finishes, depths and price points.