Hisense and Gorenje committed to protect their staff from the virus


Hisense Europe Group (HEG) management and representatives of trade unions at the plants in Slovenia (Velenje), Serbia (Valjevo) and the Czech Republic (Mariánské údolí) are united and committed to their intention to protect the health of all employees across Europe during the coronavirus pandemic. HEG management and representatives of trade unions at plants in Slovenia, Serbia and the Czech Republic have urged their employees to strictly abide by the preventive measures against spreading of COVID-19 that were imposed to benefit each individual employee as well as the entire company. HEG continues to work closely with healthcare authorities in all countries it operates in, strictly following all the measures imposed by local authorities.
«Our common response to the current pandemic – reads the statement signed by the HEG management and trade unions in all three countries – is the zero-tolerance approach to the violation of prescribed measures. Behaving responsibly is the only way that can help us maintain our health during the pandemic, which is a major challenge the entire world is facing. We have been investing all our efforts in making sure our employees are well-educated about the importance of strict implementation of all measures, both in the plants and outside them. Together, we urge all employees to practice discipline, physical and social distancing even outside the plants, and thus help contain the spreading of the virus.»
The Group ensures that “HEG plants, as well as all other organizational units throughout Europe, have been following strict preventive measures since day one of the pandemic: physical distancing, mandatory use of disinfection barriers, regular disinfecting of hands and work areas, measuring body temperature at the entrance, and wearing protective masks provided by the company. Protective barriers have been installed in all our plants; they prevent physical contact wherever possible, premises are regularly disinfected, and meetings are held online or with mandatory proper physical distancing.”