PwC explains how to target the highest-value consumers


As underloned by PwC experts to satisfay costumers’expectations and needs, it is fundamental to analyse consumers behaviour through data and informantion of different kind.
«Brand manufacturers and retailers – the experts explain – in categories as diverse as housecleaning, personal care, home improvement, gardening, and crafts need to know which consumers to focus on for different at-home experiences. This requires bringing together and analyzing a broad set of first- and third-party data about consumption habits, loyalty, demographics, social sentiment, mobile location data, and other attitudinal and behavioral data. Getting this information will require new approaches, though, under regulatory requirements like the California Consumer Privacy Act in the U.S. and the Global Data Protection Regulation in Europe, along with limits on capturing consumer data from Internet browsers.» 
These data, together with surveys allow to focus on those, who PwC define “the highest-value consumers”. Building a stronger demand-sensing capability to respond to signals and to create a faster insights-to-action loop is key to success.
This way to operate has the great advantage to speed up any futere decision and investments.
«Manufacturers and retailers – PwC experts continue – need an agile, digital approach to brand building and commercial activation that better coordinates across paid media, promotions, and other direct marketing expenditures, such as content, social media, packaging, shopper marketing, sampling, coupons, experiential marketing, and sponsorships. Taking a digital-first approach helps optimize the right content and calls to action for different occasions because it makes it fast and easy to modify promotions at the digital shelf.