Bompani tells its true Italian soul


Italian manufacturing has started to produce again, realizing home appliances combining original taste, elegance and the most advanced technology.
An example of true Italian company is Bompani, which has recently publishing a new corporate video, explaining what being and producing Italian really means. And after the Covid emergency nothing has changed in the commitment of creating quality appliances.
«People must know how much of Italian history there is inside each appliance. – Enrico Vento Chairman of Bompani affirms in the video – Our search for beauty and our project for a true environmental sustainability must be shared with everyone.»
With these words kicked off the creation of the corporate video and put himself personally at stake guiding the audience to discover Bompani brand. “3 minutes of unpublished material – the compamy explains – which unveil the true soul of the brand: the roots of its uniqueness, which plunge in a land of excellence and splendour; the vision of a future which has already began and in which environmental sustainability embodies the new form of beauty.”