Whirlpool EMEA awarded the winners of Moments not to be wasted


The fourth edition of Moments not to be wasted (www.momentsnottobewasted.com) the edutainment project launched by Whirlpool EMEA that raises awareness among new generations on the value of food and on not wasting it has its winners this year too. The project involved 1,800 primary schools throughout Italy, 2,500 classes amounting to around 69,000 pupils involved, 2,500 educational kits and a total of 594 entries sent in by the children who put themselves to the test with the national Talent Kitchen educational competition. This is a challenge, which invited the children to recount, with drawings, photos, videos or other means their idea of anti-waste cooking and the good times spent at the table with their families, before and during the lockdown period. The submissions were evaluated by a jury made up of teachers, journalists, communication experts and representatives of the Food Bank, as well as Whirlpool representatives.
Those who won the challenge, which was attended by 119 classes throughout Italy, were the children of the 2nd C of Primary School M. La Sorte di Alberobello (Bari), who won first place, taking home a prize of 2,000 euros in teaching materials. The second prize – 1,000 euros in teaching materials – goes to class 4ª B of the Telesforo Righi Primary School of Brescello (Reggio Emilia), which distinguished itself for its creativity by inventing two very original fairy tales, “La favola di Frutta Biologica” and “La fata Fragolina“, and by creating a superfood kite that promotes a healthier lifestyle, plus an anti-waste cookbook and many drawings and artistic artifacts on the theme of nutrition.