Ernestomeda: new brochures with products and accessories


Ernestomeda publishes a series of brochures to promote some of the finest accessories in its latest collections. Ernestomeda accessories aim to make the kitchen a comfortable space, practical but still with all the pleasure of elegant, refined design and contemporary lines. “A place that delights first and foremost the sense of taste, but also those of touch and sight. – they say from the company. Furnishing gems, exquisite, unique accessories that reflect the Ernestomeda laboratories’ meticulous product research and development. Designed by art director Giuseppe Bavuso, they spring from the wish to make food preparation a simple, convenient process, thanks to very careful organisation of spaces and painstaking analysis of the way we move around our kitchens.”
In the Ernestomeda brochures the special features of some items in its collection are illustrated. The brochures cover the Gourmet hob, Order shelf and Surf drawer accessories.
The Gourmet hob, for example, originates from the idea of creating a traditional hob with a continuous grid that also serves as supporting surface. To provide the pauses some foods need during their preparation process, or in order to add more ingredients, it is often necessary to move pans sideways during cooking. With the continuous grid, the whole area available can be used as a supporting surface, regardless of burner position. The cast iron grids, tough and durable as those of professional cookers, are both stylish and convenient, since they enable pots and pans of any size to be placed on a uniform, stable cooking surface, in a mix of practicality and elegance.