Cooking healthy and tasty with De’Longhi Multifry


Its name is Multifry, but it not the usual fryer. It is an innovative cooking appliance created by De’Longhi, combining a low-oil fryer and a multicooker to meet each and every need for all the kitchens of the world. It enables user to rapidly fry tasty fresh potatoes in a healthier way with minimum oil and to prepare a variety of recipes: from risottos to cous cous, from stews to ratatouilles. Multifry even allows to bake pizzas, cakes and pies. The automatic motion of the paddle gently mixes food and permits to mix and cook a various combination of ingredients without any need to manually stir food. With Multifry is also possible to cook meat and fish fillets. The secret of this appliances is SHS (Surround Heating System), the exclusive technology by De’Longhi, that surrounds the food with heat to cook it evenly: the upper heating element and fan deliver uniform heat from the top; the lower heating element delivers heat from the bottom; the mixing paddle takes care of stirring the food automatically. The second heating element is a unique feature in low-oil fryers: positioned under the bowl, it speeds up the cooking process and improves the quality of cooking, while the combination of the 1400 W heating element and fan provides a centralized uniform distribution of heated air that permits to cook with convection and grill resulting in better and more rapid frying performances.