Vestel dishwashers: efficient, smart and silent


Vestel has a rich proposal of dishwashers in its 2019/2020 catalogue. The range features important characteristics of the latest generation, aimed at reducing energy, water, noise and bacteria. The minimum energy class is A++ and the cleaning & drying performance is A for the entire range. The Auto Door system provides a more efficient drying process: the automatically opening of the door during the drying phase lets the hot air go out from the machine, so that the necessary energy amount to dry the dishes is significantly reduced. Thanks to this technology the A+++ -20% energy class is achieved for 14 place setting. Another important feature of the Vestel dishwasher range is the Water Box Technology, whose working principle is based on getting the last clean cycle rinse water, filtering it to avoid any particles and saving it in an isolated box. Then it can be used as the prewash cycle cleaning water next for the cycle so that 5,4 lt water consumption with A+++ -20% energy rating for 15 P.S. is achieved with the help of this technology.
Hygiene is also very important during the washing cycle. This is why the Vestel Natural Ion Tech spreads negative ions inside the dishwasher, neutralizing particles of unpleasant smell. Natural Ion Tech removes odors caused by dirty dishes. Moreover, UV feature prevents bacterial growth and kill those remaining after the washing cycle. It disinfects the load using the UV technology into the machine, automatically sterilizing each load before unload. Another relevant plus of the Vestel dishwasher is silence. The Extra silent option decreases noise level of program without decreasing cleaning quality in day or night time when silence is required.
The models are smart and can be managed and controlled remotely by tablets or smartphones.