Gorenje becomes Gu Luo Ni for the Chinese market


This year Gorenje is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and the company considers it an excellent opportunity to present the brands’ qualities to Chinese consumers. “We have decided to come even closer – as it is frequently done by foreign brands in the Chinese market – Gorenje explains – we have also adapted the brand name Gorenje to Chinese pronunciation. Thus, we proudly present Gu Luo Ni! Our know-how and long tradition in the industry result in quality products of the highest European standards. They are designed to simplify people’s lives by reducing complexity and providing meaningful solutions, enriched with unobtrusive yet emotional human simplicity design.”
To present the brand to the Chinese consumers in their own language, Gorenje has introduced Chinese interpretation of the name Gorenje as “古洛尼” (“Gu Luo Ni”). “Gu” represents the tradition of the European brand with 70 years of heritage; “Luo” describes a sense of elegant, consumer-centred design; and “Ni” is the idea of globalization and simplification. According to the company, “Gu Luo Ni is therefore a fusion of multi-cultural embodiment of European tradition, contemporary design, excellence and simplification with timeless and lasting charm.
But this is not the only initiatives for the Chinese market, that is the object of a whole strategy. “We will support brand positioning on the Chinese market with numerous activities, in order to provide high-end home appliances for more Chinese families. One of them was the official celebration of Gorenje’s 70th anniversary which took place recently in Beijing. At this event, Mr. Wang Lei, the President of China Household Appliances association, exposed Gorenje as a model for a leading lifestyle change of the new elite in China. The strategy of approaching the needs of end consumers in the demanding Chinese market represents an excellent opportunity for all our home appliance factories, as well as for the success of the entire Hisense Group.”