From KitchenAid a range of cordless appliances for food preparation


Mixers, choppers and blenders without cord are the practical proposal of KitchenAid that with its Cordless Collection offers the possibility to cook everywhere, in a new free way, and using appliances characterized by original and appealing look. Designed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the new Cordless Collection delivers optimal run time and performance. The Collection includes seven colors variants of choppers, hand mixers and hand blenders.
The cordless chopper chops, mixes and purees without limitations, from any counter or tabletop in the kitchen: it chops up to 40 onions on a full charge 2 and features 2 speed settings. The KitchenAid cordless hand mixer, instead, makes up to 200 cookies on a full charge 3 and has 7 speeds to stir, mix and whip recipes. Finally, the cordless hand blender is able to blend 25 bowls of soup on a full charge. It also features variable speed trigger switch for flexibility and control and a 4-point stainless steel blade.