LG solutions for a clean home without effort


LG Electronics offers a wide range of cleaning systems to keep hygiene at home.
LG CordZero A9 Stick Vacuum, for example, allow users to rid of dust and dirt on the floor. By switching from vacuum to mop – and back again – with ease, LG’s vacuum/mop combo allows to remove dust from all types of floors as well as sofas and chairs. With its interchangeable nozzles, every corner of the room – including tall ceilings – is within easy reach. A 5-Step Filtration System filters 99.99 percent of particulates measuring as small as 0.5-4.2㎛ in size 2 to reduce the presence of dust mites, dog and cat allergen to achieve better home hygiene.
With LG CordZero ThinQ R9 robotic vacuum, instead, is an intelligent robot equipped with deep learning technology and 3D DUAL EyeTM technology that utilizes a 3D View SensorTM and a 3D Laser SensorTM to read the environment and categorize obstacles to perfectly map out any room for accurate navigation.