Whirlpool created #TheFeedingPost


With more free time at home, people are increasingly cooking and baking, and posting pictures of their creations on-line with. Following this trend, Whirlpool EMEA launched a special initiative to feed those in need sharing images with #TheFeedingPost project. For every picture of a recipe shared on Instagram with the hashtag, #TheFeedingPost and tagged @whirlpool_italia or @whirlpoolfrance during one month, Whirlpool will donate the cash equivalent of one meal to local food bank, that will then distribute food to local charities across Italy and France, including soup kitchens and charities delivering food parcels to vulnerable people.
«During this extraordinary time – explains Mariana Santos Rodrigues, Sr. Brand Manager Whirlpool & KitchenAid MDA for EMEA – many people have been trying to make the best of their experience whether by expressing themselves through hobbies or seeking proactive ways to give back to their community. With #TheFeedingPost, we are creating a way to achieve both at the same time, while also feeding the huge appetite for entertainment and engagement with the outside world that people are fulfilling with social media. This campaign is also true to our dearest values at Whirlpool and during this challenging time for society, we are encouraging our customers and employees globally to act responsibly and work for positive change. Whirlpool’s innovative appliances have always allowed people to free up their time to achieve more. Now, we are inviting them to think about how they can use this extra time at home to do good for others.»