Great commitment of Groupe SEB to face Covid emergency in Brazil


From the beginning of the pandemic emergency, Groupe SEB activated a low of initiatives to help countries to face the crisis. Now the company is committed in Brazil.
Groupe SEB Brazil, in fact, is fully mobilized to face the current health crisis and has chosen to participate in a concrete way in solidarity initiatives. The company has donated 10,500 masks and 1,000 air circulators in 3 states in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife, where its factories and office headquarter are located.
The INSPIRE Project will develop an innovative and low-cost respirator (Low Cost Open Lung Ventilator) for ICUs (Intensive Care Units) which is scheduled for mass production in May. It was created by researchers from the main University of Brazil, USP and will be produced by partnership between companies. Groupe SEB took part in the conception and technical support of the project.
The Group has also started producing face shields to be used in critical hospitals in the North-east region of Brazil. Our factory in Recife has already produced 2,000 masks and will produce about 30,000 units at the end of June.