Beko HarvestFreshTM cooling technology arrives to UK


Beko has recently launched on the UK market a stylish and innovative collection of fridge freezers designed to revitalise salad crisper drawers nationwide. The range features the new patent pending HarvestFreshTM cooling technology that allows vegetables and fruits to preserve vitamins for a longer time. “Fruit and vegetables – they explain from the company – start to lose vitamin content from the moment they are harvested, meaning that once they are served up, they have already lost a lot of their best nutrients. Our new Beko HarvestFreshTM technology is unique in tackling this issue and has now been independently verified to prove that it preserves Vitamins A and C, two key contributors to a healthy lifestyle for up to five additional days.” To obtain this result, HarvestFreshTM technology mimics the natural sunlight cycle to preserve vitamins in vegetables and fruit for up to five days after they leave the shop floor. Beko HarvestFreshTM technology works by using light to replicate the sun’s natural 24-hour cycle within the fridge. During the first four hours of its cycle, the crisper lights will shine blue, mimicking dawn and the first light of the day.