Exponential growth of washing machines manufacturing in Iran

Young woman choosing washing machine in a household appliances shop

According to the Theran Times, Iran has recorded a very significant increase in the production of washing machines. During the period from March 20 to May 20, IRNA data reported a growth of 150.7% compared to the same period of time in the past year.
The production of these appliances passed from 48,000 to 121,200 units.
“As announced by the deputy industry, mining, and trade minister for industry affairs – Theran Times explains – Iranian producers have indigenized the knowledge for manufacturing 60 percent of the country’s home appliance needs. Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of a home appliance production unit on June 11, Mehdi Sadeqi Niaraki said the development of domestic production in the home appliance industry has been very significant so that nearly 70 percent of the small home appliances are currently made by domestic producers.” The Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade defined several major plans for supporting domestic production in various areas including home appliances.
A relevant growth has been recorded also in the manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers that, , in the previous year reached and amount of 1,168,700 units produced in the country, with an increase of 7.8 percent compared to the preceding year.