AppliA Europe announced the targets reached by the European industry


AppliA Europe has published the 4th home appliance industry report, illustrating all the most important steps and targets achieved by the household appliances industry during the latest two years. According to the data, in 2018 and 2019 the sector is on record as reporting significant trends in favour of a better and cleaner future for the region. This growth pattern is being severely jeopardised by the global challenge posed by COVID-19, that is requiring all possible efforts in place to be overcome. A trend that, however, the home appliance industry wants to keep feeding, in the interest of all Europeans and of the environment.
«The 4th home appliance industry report – Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General commented – shows the figures of a sector that keeps up with the times. Not only are industry’s achievements showing that circularity and resource efficiency are watchwords for the sector, but also that smart appliances are counting on a growing number of users that see in their functionalities the potential to ease their everyday lives.»
Now, of course, operators have to think about future with the current pandemic emergency.
«We cannot expect these results to keep growing as if nothing had happened – said Paolo Falcioni, referring to the current crisis – decisive actions from the Commission and all EU decision-makers are prerequisites to help us preserve these figures.»
Among the most significant data, we must underline the important result recorded by energy efficiency. The AppliA Europe report reveals that in 2018, 68% of the washing machines sold were A+++, a number corresponding to an only 2% in 2008. As for dishwashers, 99% of the total dishwashers that have entered consumers’ houses in 2018 have an energy label of A+++, A++ or A+. But relevant figures are depicted also for smart appliances, which are undergoing a constant and growing trend that will count on 31 million users in Europe by 2024. Numbers show that connected home appliances are already amongst the smart devices consumers find most appealing and, consequently, are most willing to buy. This flourishing tendency, supported by a +13% Research and Development growth at EU level, promises not to stop in an Europe fully fit for the digital age. On a global scale, Europe maintains the second highest share of units traded, while the home appliance industry reports a rising workforce as well as a growing market value.