Hisense’s plan to face the crisis involves Gorenje


At the end of April, due to a sharp drop in orders and revenues as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, the Hisense Europe Group launched a redundancy program in four companies in Slovenia. After adopting the criteria for determining redundant workers, in which the trade union did not want to participate, an additional agreement was reached, according to which in any Hisense Gorenje company where there are redundancies, both of the spouses or extramarital partners cannot lose their jobs, also any single parents will not be made redundant in any of the companies. Until the preparation of the draft redundancy program for the company Gorenje, d. o. o., which has already been presented to the trade union, the Group has managed to reduce the number of layoffs due to business reasons in this company by 40%, from the originally planned 544 to 327.
In the disability company I.P.C. it will not implement the redundancy program at all, as the law does not require this with such a small number of redundancies (the number of redundancies in I.P.C. will be less than 29, instead of the originally assessed 84). The company will terminate the employment contract for business reasons with employees with disabilities only if the conditions set out in the regulations on pension and disability insurance or in the regulations governing vocational rehabilitation and employment of the disabled are met.