Miele resumed production with a safety strategy


Domestic appliance manufacturer Miele resumed production at all its German plants. The company has organized with different measures to ensure workers safety and healthy conditions, also helping families with home office and flexible working times.
«The company had justified the shutdown with the interruption of supply chains and a sharp drop in sales due to store closures in the retail sector. «The situation has eased somewhat for vendor parts, but is by no means stable – explains Stefan Breit, Executive Director Technology of the Miele Group -. We are producing for the foreseeable future, with a maximum of ten days to plan. Short-time work therefore cannot be ruled out in the coming weeks in individual plants or production areas. We are confronted with a very dynamic situation worldwide, characterised by many uncertainties. As many dealers are allowed to reopen their shops, we hope for an increase in demand.»
Production is also running again at all foreign plants. In some administrative areas, however, short-time working continues. In recent weeks, Miele had taken precautions to provide the best possible protection for employees against corona virus infection when they resume work. For example, face masks are being provided at all sites.
Short-time working continues to be in force in assigned departments – examples include administration and areas with public access (exhibitions, Miele Museum). Which departments are affected and to what extent will be adjusted weekly. However, all services important for customers and trade are guaranteed. These include logistics, customer hotline, trade marketing and Miele customer service, in particular professional customer service. Its technicians regularly maintain disinfection and sterilisation equipment as well as laundry machines in hospitals and nursing homes and help to ensure that these facilities can continue to operate.
A few weeks ago, the company had already created the legal and technical possibilities for extensive home office arrangements. This has proved successful and will be continued in order to reduce office occupancy. Miele supports parents in this difficult situation of closed day care centres by offering very flexible working hours wherever possible. In addition, the company offers release from work in the event of childcare shortages, as agreed between employers and trade unions in Germany.