Italian furnishing companies join to restart


Restarting is what production is waiting with anxiety all over the world in this particular difficult moment. Italian manufacturing has been obliged to stop its activity before the other countries and is now finding solutions and ideas to start a new phase.
As Boffi explains in a press realise that is a sort of cheering letter for all the Country, at such a time of great uncertainty, initiatives to collaborate and safeguard the situation are developing even among those companies who are usually engaged in healthy competition but who know how to interpret the delicacy of the moment and feel a strong desire to federate their efforts in shared objectives.
It is in this spirit that a group of companies in the furniture and design sector have established a new level of dialogue over recent weeks. An initial chat between a few individuals in just a few weeks has turned into a fervent digital round table involving some of the most important companies in the sector: B&B Italia, Bisazza, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Flexform, Giorgetti, Molteni Group, Poltrona Frau.
The group’s first tangible result was a document drawn up two weeks ago to request a rent moratorium for all commercial properties that are currently closed. The companies proposed to reach an agreement that would reduce the cost of rent by 50% from April to December 2020. The request was immediately sent to all landlords of rented properties throughout the world and today constitutes an important tool and an effective basis for discussion.
Today the main objective of the group, and of the entire sector, is to ensure that production will recommence. “We continue to support the manufacturing sector as central to Italy – they write in the press release – but it is important to remember that in 2017 in the European ranking we lost the long-maintained second position, following Germany, to France.”
The furniture and design sector constitutes one of the 3 strategic sectors of Italian production. With the strength of its 20,000 active companies and 130,000 employees, the sector generates 23 billion in turnover with an export level that exceeds 60%.
If we considered the entire ‘Legno-Arredo’ wood and furniture industry, then we would be talking about 75,000 active companies with 315,000 employees and a turnover of 43 billion.