LG Oled TVs promise an immersive viewing experience


LG Electronics Oled TVs are characterized by high-level technologies. Oled possesses the ability to produce true black, an infinite contrast ratio and dazzlingly real colors. LG Oled TVs, with inky-black shadows and vibrant hues bring a three-dimensionality to the characters and places on screen. A high refresh rate adds to the sense of realism, delivering silky smooth motion when the action is fast-paced and exhilarating.
With support for all major HDR formats including Dolby VisionĀ® and offering relevant sound quality via Dolby AtmosĀ®, LG Oled TVs are designed to deliver an immersive viewing experience an thanks to Dolby Vision IQ, intensely dark scenes in atmospheric content (such as the Game of Thrones finale) can be seen exactly as its creators intended.
In addition, with ThinQ AI and the platform-wide LG universal search function only a voice command away, viewers can track down films, series or documentaries with incredible ease.